• Airbus A380 Complete In-flight Economy Experience Emirates Airlines | The Flying Experience

    The Complete Emirates Airbus 380 Experience in detail: - Airbus A380 In-flight Economy Experience on Emirates Airlines - Tips on ultra long distance
  • Fly Emirates Business Class and First Class

    Fly Emirates Business Class and First Emirates Airline Business Class and First Class services from Brisbane to Check out the First Class spa in Dubai Emirates
  • An exclusive behind the scenes look of Emirates Airline's flight attendant training!

    Did you know that that less than five percent of the men and women who apply for jobs as cabin crew at Emirates Airline end up getting jobs? Emirates 24/7 on Dubai One's Jieun W...
  • Air India Express to offer UAE visas online

    K Shyam Sundar, the Chief Executive Officer of Air India Express, says at a press conference in Dubai that his airline is working with Arabian Travel Agency to offer UAE visas
  • Flying Reimagined – Featuring Nicole Kidman Etihad Airways Commercial

    Advertiser:Etihad Airways URL : Youtube URL Book flights to worldwide destinations with Etihad Airways,
  • Emirates A380 Dubai to Toronto Flight Economy HD

    Travel from DXB - YYZ March 2014 Emirates EK241 Boarding, Takeoff, In-Flight and Landing A380-800 Dubai International Airport to Pearson International Departure Time: 09:55 Arri...
  • The world's shortest A380 flight | Emirates

    Enjoy behind the scenes view from EK857, the world's shortest scheduled A380 service currently in operation, from Dubai to The video, which also includes footage from the cockpi...
  • How to check in online

    Are you going to travel? It's easy to check-in at home or in your Just check on the airline's website, confirm your presence and choose your seat on the Check-in is
  • How To Become an Emirates Cabin Crew - PART 1

    CHECK OUT THE SECOND PART TO THIS TUTORIAL! There were too many requests for this
  • Indian Airlines IC 814 Hijack - National Geographic Part 1

    On Christmas Eve 1999, Indian Airlines Flight IC 814 takes off from Kathmandu, Nepal on its way to New Delhi, En route the flight is hijacked by five masked men who have managed...

    Flight from Dubai to Zurich on Emirates Airlines Boeing Flight duration was about 6 hours and altitude about 38'000 Due to some unknown reason the plane was almost empty
  • Cabin Crew interview at Emirates Australian Open

    Emirates Cabin Crew, Katrina Lebrasse, speaks live to Network Ten during the 2011 Emirates Australian Open in Emirates is the Official Airline of 19 events worldwide, as well as
  • The Proposal | A380 Onboard Lounge | Emirates

    The most memorable moments on Earth happen in our A380 Onboard Watch Stuart propose to Victoria on an Emirates A380 flight to Special thanks to the Baradene College
  • Boeing 777-300 In-flight Economy Experience on Air India | Air India Review | The Flying Experience

    - The non-stop flying experience and review on an Air India Boeing 777-300ER from New Yor's JFK to New Delhi, India (with Narration and
  • British Airways Boeing 747-400 in D-Check

    Engineering Giants is a documentary series which takes a look at the making of some of the world's biggest This series will go behind the scenes and document what it takes to


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