• Parlor Guns: Floberts and air rifles

    It may look like we're only interested in military arms, but that's not the We're mostly interested in military guns, but there are plenty of other
  • Interesting Ammo - 6mm Flobert

    Don't Forget to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!!** This is the 6mm Flobert It is a caliber BB I found this container after 20 years in

    Slow motion Röhm Blank firing
  • Flobert pocked pistol .22

    An old flobert indoor bbcap pistol / short
  • 1860 Remington parlor pistol

    this is an italian made copy of a 1860 Remington rider parlor this gun was originally from 1860-1863 and the estimate production was around it
  • Test ZOM 6mm Flobert and Drulov 70 6mm Flobert

    Distance from target is 20 meters in this Check ZOM 6mm flobert in - Check Drulov 70 6mm in -
  • TOZ-17 Flobert.

    Skúška TOZ-ky prerobenej na to riadna sračka odporúčam nekupovať,je to slabé a nepresné!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Flobert pistole Perfecta Mod 50 cal 4mm M20 vs Coca cola bottle

    Flobert pistole Perfecta Mod 50 cal 4mm M20 vs Coca cola
  • Flobert Rifle

    The Flobert rifle built in Belgium before
  • 6mm flobert top break 4 barrel darnger review

    6mm flobert top break 4 barrel darnger pistol review this is a neat little gun if you have any more info than what I said in the video please let me know I
  • .22 Flobert Rifle at the range

    Belgian Flobert rifle sold in
  • Flobert Alfa - normal ammo vs. extra ammo

    Flobert revolver Alfa proj 620 Flobert vs molded plate - 15 mm Two pieces of ammunition - the first normal, the second extra Result


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