• Parlor Guns: Floberts and air rifles

    It may look like we're only interested in military arms, but that's not the We're mostly interested in military guns, but there are plenty of other

    Slow motion Röhm Blank firing
  • Flobert pocked pistol .22

    An old flobert indoor bbcap pistol / short
  • Наган Гром Стрелковый тест Nagan flobert shooting test Обзор

    Револьвер Наган Измерение скорости полета пули при стрельбе из Наган'а Гром (укороченный) патрон...
  • Interesting Ammo - 6mm Flobert

    Don't Forget to Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!!** This is the 6mm Flobert It is a caliber BB I found this container after 20 years in
  • Flobert Rifle

    Hey can any one tell me what year this rifle was made I been shooting 22 shorts out of it and it seems to shoot pretty good The chrome or nickle plating

    Samopal s pevnou pažbou v prevedení voľne predajnej zbrane, upravenej na streľbu 6 ME Hlaveň zbrane má Ide o použitú Volný
  • Flobert Rifle

    The Flobert rifle built in Belgium before
  • FLOBERT 9mm chapter 3/4 (HD) - by Nosfctech

    FLOBERT made in Germany (Voere Voehrenbach) shooting Fiocchi 9mm Rimfire shells Ammunition number 6 and homemade Slugs !!! bolt action single shot with
  • Kópia videa Test ZOM 6mm Flobert and Drulov 70 6mm Flobert

    Distance from target is 20 meters in this Check ZOM 6mm flobert in - Check Drulov 70 6mm in -
  • Flobert 6mm (Matagato). Antigua pistola de tiro de salon

    Prueba de antigua pistola de salon Flobert 6mm de finales de
  • Flobert Alfa - normal ammo vs. extra ammo

    Flobert revolver Alfa proj 620 Flobert vs molded plate - 15 mm Two pieces of ammunition - the first normal, the second extra Result
  • TOROP 07M1 Flobert rifle

    TOROP 07M1 Flobert
  • 1860 Remington parlor pistol

    this is an italian made copy of a 1860 Remington rider parlor this gun was originally from 1860-1863 and the estimate production was around it


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